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Unique Liquors You Have To Try "A stop in India might get you a taste of Feni even though it is just starting to become available in the U.S.

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    Timeout Chicago – Top 7 New Liquors

    Chicago Reader - Chicago Bartenders & Feni" with text "It's almost funky," Momose says. "There's nuttiness, an astringency, a very young, tart apple. There's also these softer, cooked pear notes. It's got waves and waves of flavor.

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    It's hard to not get lost in the funky, sour, fruity—think banana meets mango meets durian—smell and taste of Feni, a triple distilled, 85 proof spirit native to Goa, India..

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    Cheers Magazine –Far & Away: Exotic Spirits

    Feni is fermented and distilled from cashew apples, the fruit surrounding the cashew nut; it can also be made from sap of the coconut palm tree. The proprietary liquor comes only from Goa, the smallest and richest state in India, known for its beaches and laid-back atmosphere.

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    Feni. Ever tasted it? If you have, it’s likely thanks to Chicagoans Drew Whited and Brian McCaslin. Feni is a liquor produced in Goa, India, from either coconut or cashew fruit. Whited and McCaslin make theirs of cashew fruit..

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    LakeLife Magazine – Cashew Cocktails?

    Spirit of India Feni is an 85 proof clear spirit 3x distilled from cashew apples and native to Goa, India. In 2013 Drew Whited and two of his friends traveled to Goa, India and fell in love with "Cashew Feni" and knew it was his job to share this rare treasure

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    Crain’s Business Chicago – New In Chicago

    New In Chicago | Distilled from cashew apples, the alcoholic spirit feni has been popular for centuries in Goa, India—and now a group of Chicagoans is importing it to the U.S. under the nameSpirit of India Feni. “We compare it to other clear spirits like vodka, rum or tequila,” says Drew Whited